The “L” Bar Crawl


Love it or hate it, the L is Chicago’s best way to get around the city. And we’re making it even better.


With adult beverages of course! We’re throwing the first and ONLY Chicago L Bar Crawl. Each L line will have it’s own separate and unique bar crawl! Get your friends, tell mom where you’ll be and ride along your favorite L line to explore Chicago with a hundred others as we hit the best bars around each stop and finish off the night with a bang: all 4 lines’ crawls meet to end the night at the extravagant rooftop bar, Fremont for a HUGE party with over 300 people!


Yup, each L line has a separate bar crawl along it. Choose one line from either the Red, Blue, Brown or Pink and get ready to have a blast. We’ve handpicked the best bars by every L stop on every line for you to cheers some beers to. And don’t worry about getting lost or missing the train, each line will have a designated party host that will lead you. After each bar, we’ll find our way to the nearest L stop, ride the train to the next stop and repeat the cheers’ing.

Every bar will have a fantastic drink special, so take advantage but make sure to maintain your balance, you’ll need it! We encourage drinking said adult beverages inside drinking establishments only so please don’t try to pull a fast one you sly dog, you.

The “L” Bar Crawl T-Shirt

The L Crawl Shirt! I know, I know, you want to cherish this day forever. Maybe tell your kids about it when they ask you “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”. Don’t worry, we got a shirt for you just in case little Tommy asks! #offtherails

Important Details

  • Pick one L line between the four options. You will be bar crawling along only this line until the end.
  • You must wear a wristband during the crawl
  • You must have a ventra card to board the train. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, go to any CTA station and get a one-day pass to use for September 1.
  • Pick up your L Crawl Package including bar crawl map, goodies and L Crawl shirt at our Pre-Party at Brando’s Speakeasy on August 30th between 5 PM – 9 PM. If you cannot make it Thursday, you still can get your package Saturday by seeing your superhost at the first bar in the CTA line crawl you’re in. The bar schedule will be emailed out no later than September 1st, 12pm, Saturday. Make sure to have your ticket ready.
  • T-shirt sizes will be based on first come, first serve
  • Each L Crawl Package comes with a colored wristband, L Crawl Map and a Ventra Pass (if needed)
  • There will be a host to lead each lines bar crawl
  • The After Party will be at Fremont at 8 PM

Date: Saturday, September 1 2018, 3-9pm
Price: $15

Tickets available at MP Chicago


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