Lord of the Rings Pop-Up at Replay Lincoln Park

Lord of the Rings Pop-Up Replay Lincoln Park

Join Replay Lincoln Park for not one, not two, but three different drink menus for The One Pop-Up to Rule Them All! Visit us at The Prancing Pony, Minas Tirith, or at Mordor for a selection of unique, crafted Lord of the Rings themed cocktails! Replay’s newest pop-up also features three distinct bars named after Lord of the Rings areas such as The Prancing Pony, Minas Tirith and Mordor. Each bar has its own menu with craft cocktails such as The Evenstar, Narya-Ring of Fire, Nenya-Ring of Water and Vilya-Ring of Air. One particularly delicious drink is The One Ring made with Makers Mark, Drambuie, cinnamon syrup and lemon juice. Replay has teamed up with Zizi’s Cafe to provide Lord of the Rings menu items like Fried Po-tay-toes, Lord of the Wings, Frodo’s Dolma, Beef Lembas, Gandolph’s Corn Staff and Pippen’s Popcorn.

For more information visit: Replay Lincoln Park


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